“Trotting Hotties”, A Hot 2 Trot Race Report

I mean, come on …who wouldn’t want to run in eighty+ degree temps?

…with extreme humidity?

…around a one mile loop?

…for eight hours straight?

As ultrarunners, we call this a “fun day”.

And, we even pay to do it.

Hot 2 Trot Towel

2009 Hot 2 Trot 8-hour Race, Decatur, Georgia

Waking up at 6:00 a.m., I rushed to the computer to check the weather. All week the high temperature reports, the humidity and the possibilities of rain were all over the board. No one really knew what to expect for this year’s Hot 2 Trot race; but one thing was for sure – it’s the first week of August, in Georgia, so you can pretty much count on hot temperatures, extreme humidity, and a collection of insane runners milling about at the Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve in Decatur, Georgia.

The Hot 2 Trot race is a timed running event. Runners are given eight hours to run around and around a 1.12 mile trail loop in an effort to collect as many miles as possible.

I’ll break the loop down for ya like this:

1.12 makes for a short race report

So, what can I say? It’s not like most ultramarathons where I get to travel long distances, across a wide variety of terrains and environments. This was mostly a test of mental resolve.

Personally, having just completed the White River 50-mile Trail Championships near Mt. Rainier in Washington, I was tentative about doing Hot 2 Trot. I had almost resolved to just showing up, running one loop, and then watching the front runners beast it up.

But as usual, by Wednesday, I had talked myself (with a little helped from some other GUTS members) into running 40 miles. For one, race day was my birthday, turning 39 years old, and every ultrarunner knows that you must run your age in miles on your birthday. Plus, local runner “Three-kids-Tony” offered to pay my next year’s Mountain Mist 50K entry if I nailed 40 miles.

It was on.

Finishing up 40 miles at the 2009 Hot 2 Trot

A race report in bullet points

So, as this year’s race report, I’m just going to try to remember some cool and interesting tidbits that made the Hot 2 Trot a fun way to spend my 39th birthday. *Beware – this might only be interesting to local runners and GUTS members, but here goes:

…and so much more (but my bullets are getting really long and very “local”)

It’s a wrap

At seven hours, five minutes (7:05) I achieved the day’s goal and finished up 40 miles. It was a real struggle fighting that heat, and more so the humidity. During the noon time portions of the day, you could actually see the steam on the trail – like running in the steam room at the gym. Hot, man.

Really hot.

But as I pushed it up the road for my last lap, my friends Colt, Matt, Tony (I think) and my wife were all standing there yellin’ for me and taking photos. I gots some good ol’ peeps in my crew.

A couple of GUTS goofballs

Congrats to all the runners for incredible performances all around, but especially the top five-ish who all pushed into 50 miles and more.

The Hot 2 Trot is a great local event, and driving home from the race I couldn’t help but feel all stoked and proud at being part of this unique club of insane runners.

Rock on.

or should I say, “Get some!”

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Congrats on the 40 miles, hope the rest of your birthday went as well as the first 8 hours!


Great job on the review!

Pat de Albuquerque

Excellent! Awesome time on the 40 miles. Specially after White River. You’re getting tougher and tougher. I had a blast watching you power around the laps.

Nothing wrong with a strong local flavor on this report. That’s what this race was all about. Running and hanging with the peeps. And Tom Wilson was Cold Water Dude extraordinaire.

happy bday. What a good way to celebrate :)

C$ – always love reading your stuff. Hope to link at a race down the road. Mtn Mist perhaps? Also, we’re gonna do the Mile 85 aid station at Pinhoti, believe GUTS will be up on Horn Mtn again (fried egg sandwiches). Be well.


Wow, Christian….good job!

I’ve run some of the most difficult endurance runs in the country and could not imagine doing that run, it owuld bring me to my knees.


You are a runnin’ machine… Thats’ alota miles in just a few weeks… Keep on Keepin On

Hey Christian! Great meeting you out there……even when we were feeling the pain! Great job. You looked like 40 miles was a walk in the park for you!

Great job. You were looking strong all morning.
Next time, you need to slow down so I can get a picture thats in focus. :)
Happy Birthday.

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