Survival Run Race Report

Christian carries log 2.3 miles for packet pickup and to secure his race number

Sitting in a rooftop Jacuzzi, at the plush Mokara Hotel and Spa in downtown San Antonio, with Survival Race winner Shane McKay, felt strangely foreign to me.

Twenty-four hours previous, I was navigating my way through ridiculously rocky terrain, in the dark, with bloody feet, body lacerations, and an overwhelming feeling of fatigue. I was 17 hours and 30 miles into the race, and my footwear had become pretty much nonexistent. When I could run, I looked more like an extra for the Walking Dead, stumbling after warm blood, than I did an endurance athlete.

During these low points, I used to ask myself why I do these things. Am I just trying to look tough, or perhaps trying to convince myself that I am tough? What draws me to self-induced suffering?

Read the rest of my the Survival Run race report at Obstacle Racing Media.


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@Susan: then bring him to Atlanta. It’s shot here.



btw…as to looking like an extra on “The Walking Dead”…that is one of Matt’s goals…to be an extra on the show!


Hi Susan – great to hear from you and that sounds awesome – thanks for sharing.

I shared your message with the UltraList just now. I’m sure people will be asking about you :)

Hey, there,
Sorry to have lost track of your email. Still check your blog from time to time. Love your spirit regarding adventure. Thought I’d share an upcoming one…heading to Iceland as an artist in residence for June and July 2014. Will be in the far north of the country in a little town (bigger than Hillsboro though) called Olafsfjordur. Different world there…still got mtns., plus a fjord…just no trees! Will be teaching a workshop to youngsters while I’m there…we’ll be making “Troll Treasure Boxes.” Thought maybe you’d share with my ultra-list pals that I’m still kicking?

Glad you’re out there enjoying!

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