Serenbe 15K Race Report

Ever seen someone run over by a deer?

Me neither…

Until today.

The trippy little community of Serenbe

I’m not sure that I’ve really ever been to a “planned community” before.

And I’m not sure exactly what to think. Yea, it was beautiful with it’s big pastures of horses, wide open spaces, and miles and miles of gorgeous hiking trails; but it was also just a teeny-tiny bit creepy in a “us and them” kinda way.

I’m probably just jealous I don’t live there.

The little 15K that could

The coolest thing about this race was having my wife out on the trail. It was her first trail race, AND her first attempt at 9.3 miles. We didn’t get to run much together, but she likes it better that way anyhow. {sigh}

Serenbe 15K start
photo: Wife and I, and yes, I wear my 100-miler finisher jacket any time I can.

The race started at the center of the little community of Serenbe. We ran through the center of the pleasant-ville-ish town with it’s big country homes, neat little shops, art galleries, and restaurants, before crossing a pasture and entering some muddy jeep road.

And that’s where it happened…

This deer comes flying through the woods, right alongside all of us. It’s frantic acting, running really fast and wobbly and scared.

I felt bad for it.

The deer tries a couple of times to cross the runners’ path, but there doesn’t seem to be a gap he’s comfortable with entering.

Then he just charges it.

Runners bob and weave out the way, but one lady does not see him, or she freezes up or something, but the deer just plows right into her, twenty feet in front of me, spinning her around, and sorta’ forcing her up against this big, wooden farm fence.

It was crazy.

Less than a minute later, another deer, this time a buck, comes flying across a field, ducks his head, antlers and all, and charges right across the runners’ path.

Luckily, no runners were in his way.

From that point on, I watched for deer like a hawk, but never saw another one.

Is there such a thing as too pleasant?

What a great race. I settled into a semi-fast pace for myself, and just cruised through Serenbe trails.

We ran through double-track, single-track, pastures with beautiful horses, cute little donkeys (which my wife adored immensely), and goats, sheep, and roosters.

Some trail was rugged, but mostly it was well-manicured, wide and smooth with fallen leaves, creating nature’s more ideal running surface.

I was in heaven. I could have run out there all day. I was sorry to see it end.

Serenbe 15K finish line

My wife was …smiling?

My buddy crossed the finish line in 1:18, and I followed behind at 1:21. I had hoped to run a little faster, but unfortunately showed up with extremely sore quads from a nasty CrossFit workout.

I didn’t care though, ’cause I had a fabulous race. My fitness felt dialed-in and I never once had any trouble at all, …but I started to wonder about my wife Babette.

I had better back-track, find her, and run with her to finish the race.

“oh, man, Christian, she might be mad at you with all this mud and stuff…”, my buddy says.

“yea, I know.” – “She’ll probably scream at me and tell me not to run with her or talk to her.”

(she doesn’t like to talk when she runs)

But surprise, surprise, here she comes, about a mile from the finish, and she’s smiling.

Woo hoo! She doesn’t hate me.

She crosses in 1:55-ish, and I couldn’t be more proud of her.

Way to go Babette! You ran 9.3 miles like a champ.

You’re gonna kill the Atlanta Thanksgiving Half-Marathon!

Nothing like beer at 10:00 a.m.

You gotta love a race that cracks open the keg as the runners trickle on in at the finish. A couple of cold ones, a little socializing, and we were on way back to the real world of traffic, crime, and pollution.

Chalk up another great trail race.

This one might become a tradition. It’s just too damn pleasant.

photo: Babette cruising the trails, one mile away from her first trail race finish.

Serenbe 15K race results

Check out the Serenbe Community

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It was a nice trail run. It was great to See Sally and the Phidippidides gang at the start/finish. The 10:00am beer followed by the 10:15am bloody mary (complimentary) were teriffic. Thanks to all.

Thanks Spurgeon – in the last photo she looks fast, huh?

I’m very proud of her

Great report Christian! Congrats on getting your wife out there!

Thanks! I can’t imagine running 100! no time, since I’m in college and xc / track team. Maybe 50k or maybe 50m. in future!? Running pics always make great “glamour shots”, haha!

Hi Anne.

I haven’t seen results posted yet as of Sunday morning, but I’m sure they’re coming. I also want to see the pics of the photographer shooting photos of little creek crossings.

Good job on your first trail race.

I searced for results and then saw ur blog post… nice report. I was there and saw that deer… THAT WAS SCARY! I too was about 20 – 30 feet back. (2nd in group, ran 1:30. … first “trail race”, beyond 6k, b/c I run cross country and some road races up to 2 marathons so far.) Anyways, congratulations to u and ur wife!

Have u seen posted results for race?

I don’t like to talk when I am running either. :-)

Thanks Sue – I’m just happy to have her out there. I can’t help but wonder if there’s an ultra in her blood…(?)

One can only hope.

But she’s smarter than me. Progressing slowly.

loved the report. very funny about the deer. i’m sure i would be friends with your wife – someone else who doesn’t like to talk when she runs.

sue baker

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