Peachtree Road Race Report

2008 Peachtree Road Race

A Last Minute Decision to Run

I hadn’t really planned to run the 2008 Peachtree Road Race. When I received this year’s application, I procrastinated to the point of missing the deadline for entry.

Why? I dunno.

Perhaps, with all this ultrarunning going on, I felt like the Peachtree was, well …just another 10K and why should I care about running a measly little 10K? …but that’s not only arrogant-sounding, it’s skipping an opportunity to participate in a great running event; and, since I ran it in 2006 and 2007, my own sort of Atlanta fourth of July tradition.

A New Peachtree Road Race Course

For the first time since 1970, due to issues with the Georgia drought, the City of Atlanta forced the Peachtree race directors to end the race somewhere other than our famous Piedmont Park. The event still races down Peachtree street from Lenox, and the runners still make that famous turn on 10th street; however, instead of finishing the race on 10th Street at the Piedmont Park entrance, runners take a quick right onto Juniper and carry on a set of short rolling hills to the finish at Ponce de Leon.

This made it seem longer to me, but I still liked the change a lot.

The Crowd Makes the Peachtree

I am always amazed at the runners I see who are so “gung ho” about their race times at this race. It’s really a waste of anxiety to stress this race because:

  1. It’s so crowded, even in the 1-3 time groups; so, unless you are the very elite, expected run under 40 minutes, and thus ‘seeded’, it’s really difficult to get a fast start.
  2. You’d miss all the fun and excitement that makes the Peachtree Road Race so unique.

And that really is what makes this race so special. Along the course this year I experienced:

…and so much more.

I saw old running friends (as old as two years of serious running can make a friend), and made a couple of new ones. The t-shirts were awesome {see design below}…

2008 Peachtree Road Race T-shirt

…and even on only about 2.5 hours of sleep, I am so glad that I dragged myself out of bed and made my way down to Lenox along with 55,000 other eager and excited runners.

I crossed the finish line in 53:21 (53:07 chip time) which is rather slow for me at this stage in my training and development, but who cares? I had a fun, kick-ass run.

Also, quickly, to whomever that was that yelled out my GUTS, and RunnersWorld, forum name “surftrip”, about a 1/4 mile from the finish, what the heck happened to you? I slowed up and looked around for you and you simply disappeared. {sigh} …but that tends to happen in a sea of runners.

How about you? Please share your Peachtree Road Race experiences in the comments below.

Back to the ultra training…

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What a great race – great to see you loving this. Listen – where do you get your blog template from? REally really like it ..

I can identify. I skipped the 2007 race after moving further out. But really missed running it. So this year was back. Good times.

You’re one of the few that liked the new finish. But I did too.

Good run and good report.

The race is quite an experience, the crowd helping move you along the entire time! Glad you decided to run it again!

Sounds like fun, Christian. Glad you had a good time, but then I suspect you always do!

Makes you appreciate more the lower turnout and open trails during an ultra…

Somewhere I expected you to say running a 10K is good “crossfit” ultra training. Even though you say it was rather slow, it’s still much speedier than you’ll be managing at Sawtooth!

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