Just’a Damn Fine Day at the ING Georgia Marathon

I had to write my report right away.

Like an excited kid, I’m all proud.

The ING is a hilly course, and 3:47 is not fast by most judging standards, but it’s a giant improvement for me and a positive nod in the direction of my chosen training methods.

My first marathon (2006) was a chunk over five hours.

My last years ING was 4:37. 4:50, I think, year before that.

I slapped my PR around by 12 minutes (2008 Atlanta Marathon), and took back over 40 minutes from last years ING race.

This is one of those experiences that is good to share with kids because it’s pure proof in the power of hard work.

It feels good to work hard and have it pay-off.

It just does.

Next stop 3:35, right?

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Way to go! It was a good day to be running.

Great time, way to blitz your old PR! I ran the 1/2 Sunday and had a good day as well. Nice weather for a run!

Congrats! Nice time.

Fine work, Christian! Way to knock the minutes off your PR! I’m with one of the other posters on the listserv–if you were to do periodization, a good solid taper, and cut back on the events, you would probably have no problem getting a sub-3:30.

Anyway, many congrats!


Great job Christian, I see you are performances are still on the rise; no plateau for you yet! Keep it up!

nice job!

Keep “running those hills”, Christian, and the sky’s the limit!

Congrats on your PR!

Happy trails,

Connie :)

wow, nice work. You give an old lady hope..


Nope, I didn’t. I really wanted a sub-3:50 …in fact, a 3:45, so I tried to stay ahead of that group.

I heard them once behind me near Georgia Tech and kicked it up a notch. {wink}

That’s the one and only time I’ll ever be ahead of either of those two.

Yay-uh! Busted one for sure. Any effects from the liquid diet? Did you run with Sally and Marty?

Great job and nice bling! I had a lot of friend in this race today, and everyone is reporting positive results!

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