Joe Fejes Guest Blog: ATY 72 Hour Race Report

Joe Fejes at ATY

As many in the ultraunning community have heard, Georgia runner (and swell pal) Joe Fejes ran a fantastic race at this year’s Across The Years 72-hour race.

Dude ripped off 280 miles, winning the event, and exciting all of us who watched him, both on location, and from keyboards and computer screens around the country.

ATY Race Report

Joe does not currently have a blog and asked if I would post his report.


Congratulations Joe – we’ze proud of ya here Gaw’ga.


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Rob, I’m glad you enjoyed the ATY report. You definitely need to give AY it a shot–right up your alley! Hopefully this year I can figure out a way to stay close to Kathy at Mist on the downhills! See y’all tomorrow morning!

“Although I did enjoy the faster beat of the rap and hip hop music, I quickly grew tired of repetitive lyrics involving bitches, suckas and bad muthafuckas.” Priceless! :)

Congrats Joe, Kathy and I were following along on your progress at ATY72. May have to give an event like that a shot one day. See you at the Mist!

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@Joe: yup she does. She passed me at the Keys around 25 miles looking like the energizer bunny. Got pics to prove it!

Thanks Juli! I should have included you in the who’s who as well! You always make running ultras look easy.

Congratulations Joe! It was fun running with you for a short time out of the whole race :) Most of the time I had the pleasure of seeing you run by and exchanging a few words. What a very nice person you are besides being a fantastic runner!


BTW often times running ultras I might seem standoffish or non responsive in conversations–most often it means I ain’t wearing my hearing aids. Reason I like hangin with Christian & Weezy is they are both loud and obnoxious although Weezy’s slang is sometimes still hard to understand. LOL

Yes, sorry Tracy I am both pretty deaf (pre country rock songs actually LOL) and little bit Dumb. I actually meant to add you to the numbers comparison but once again wasn’t bright to figure out you belong at the top of the who’s whos! you ar one tough lady–kena had told me about you right before the race! you were running them laps like speed intervals! Hope to see you again–i just might have to try another one them damn things.

Tracy, Joe has his ipod on loud because he is hearing impaired! He can’t hear the music unless it’s really loud.

His performance was incredible!

Now that I realize just who Joe Fejes is, I now know who ran on my heels for several of my 70 miles on day 1 and had his ipod so loud that I could hear each and every one of his country rock songs. I hope he’s not deaf by now.

Pass on my congrats and tell him that I won’t be offended that he left me out of his numbers comparisons of the top finishers at the ATY 72 hour and I wasn’t in his list of “Who’s whos!”

I was amazed at how fast he was moving on day one knowing he was going 72 hours…but then again, you gotta GET while the gettin’s good! Day one should always have several more miles when you are so fresh!

Again, congrats and I know he’ll improve upon those numbers as he gets more experience at the multidays!

Cheers! Tracy

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