WEEK 4 – Hills, Hills and More Hills

Week 4 consisted of 36-40 miles. I started the week off with 7 miles on Tuesday, followed by 4 Miles of repeats on Wednesday, and a hard 10K (6.2. miles) Thursday. During these middle-of-the-week, early morning runs, I felt stronger than I have in a really long time. Tuesday’s 7-miler was run like a tempo, and there were times during Wednesday’s interval training where I could sprint for periods of up to 500 yards before backing off into a steady pace. I like feeling stronger and I am very pleased with my progress in this area of training.

Both Saturday and Sunday were just flat-out tough.

Saturday I ran the trails of the Sweetwater State Park with it’s extremely technical trails, and brutal hills. We got in somewhere around 7-8 miles (1:47:00) during a very hot and humid morning. A new, huge skateboard park had a grand opening in our neighborhood and I HAD to participate Saturday night. …one, gnarly, skinned up knee later and I was back at home wondering how I was going to manage a long run on Sunday.

Sunday, it was hard to get out of bed. I was sore from the Sweetwater run, and even more sore from skating …not to mention my pus-filled knee which scabbed up nicely overnight {sigh}.

By 7:45 A.M. I was at the Kennesaw Mountain for an intended 16.2 miles. I did 11.5 miles. Could I have gone the extra 4.5 miles and completed 16? Yea, but I was really fatigued, the humidity was rough and the hills of the mountain were taking a toll on me physically and mentally. I opted to stop at 11.5 and go eat mounds of food at Waffle House with my training partner.

Which brings me to diet. I was rock-solid the entire week and my weight is still dropping; however, this weekend I broke-down and sampled a smidgen of my wife’s homemade dessert (a little too much sampling), sneaked a small fry at Wendy’s on Friday night, and of course, gorged at Waffle House Sunday morning.

Hot To Trot 8-hour Race | Next Saturday, August 4, 2007

Saturday, I am running a challenging, ultramarathon timed event right here in metro Atlanta. The race is called Hot to Trot. To give you an idea of the ridiculousness of this race, below is the race acceptance confirmation I received:

“Welcome to the 2007 Hot To Trot 8 Hour Run! Your entry has been
received and accepted. If you entered this race in error, good for
you! By virtue of being accepted, you have been included in a class
of runners known to have totally lost control of their senses. Yes,
you are insane. Accept it…”

How’s that for building confidence? sheesh.

The race is basically run for 8-hours, during the heat of the middle of the day, on a one-mile loop, through the Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve in Decatur, Georgia. In this race, I will be practicing electrolyte micro-management, race-day hydration methods and mental toughness. One mile loops give runners many opportunities to quit …I don’t want to quit.

My goal is to complete at least 20 miles with a fantasy goal of 32; but, whatever the mileage, I’m not going to quit unless I’m pulled from the race for health concerns.

Wish me luck on Saturday. { …and bring me some water}

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As of late, I have been eating a staple of brown rice, raw fruits and vegetables, red meat, chicken, fish, whole grains and tons of water. Occasionally, I will venture off the path and treat myself to ice cream or a cookie, but for the last five weeks, I have been very strict.

Two of the most effective measures during this training cycle have been “not missing running workouts” and “clean eating”. It makes a real difference.

I have recently cut out all chemical sweeteners (Aspertame, Splenda, Nutrasweet, etc.) – I do not know whether or not they are necessarily bad for you, but they are bad for me. They give me stomach cramps.

I would rather have honey in my coffee and sparkling water over soda anyway.

Hope that answers your question.



What type of “diet” are you following? You mentioned it several times so far… I know your run’s very close, but if you can read “The Long Walk” by Stephen King/Richard Bachman, you’ll find the strength to go on one more mile, and one more mile, and one more mile…

Every lap, if and when you think about stopping, think of who you’re there for. Just realized that the run is THIS Saturday! I’ll make sure to pray “extra” hard!


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