WEEK 3 – Very Real Progress

Week three (3) is in the books with 40 miles under my belt from Tuesday to Sunday. Eighteen miles alone for Saturday and Sunday.

In addition to my physical improvement, the mental side of my training got a real boost this week. Unintentionally, I pushed most of my weekly training runs to the limit, surpassing much of the mileage expected of me and even participating in “burst” training to get the legs and lungs working extra hard. The little “successes” go a long way towards keeping me motivated. …Especially when it’s 3:30 p.m. on a Saturday, 90 degrees and I’m feeling a little lazy.

Most of my training this week was typical with junk miles during the week, core strength training on ‘rest’ days and lots of walking with the family to keep them active – but the highlight of the week was Sunday’s 10-miler at Kennesaw Mountain with friends from my office.

Running at Kennesaw Mountain

With all the heat lately, running in the mountains offers a beautiful reprieve from the massive heat and smog of high traffic, road running routes. It’s very important that I train in the mountains as much as possible; furthermore, it’s even more important that the trails I select are as technical as possible. The Mountain Masochist 50-Mile Trail Run, the race I am running in support of Project Kids Eat, is well known for it’s difficult, technical trails and extreme hills, so proper planning is key to surviving this race and finishing before the 12-hour cutoff.

Sunday was perfect. The weather was a cool 68-72 degrees, overcast and drizzly making for almost perfect running conditions. We were lucky enough to run past a deer with it’s baby in the back fields, along with other various critters of the mountain forest. We started at the Burnt Hickory trail head and ran the Kolbs Farm loop, before trekking through the Cheatham Hill fields and back to Burnt Hickory, for a total of about 10.2 miles, or ~ 1:40:00. Great morning training!

This next, upcoming week of training will be similar to this past week with the addition of more miles for the Sunday long run. I will be running again at Kennesaw Mountain on Sunday but hope to do the entire mountain loop covering 16.2 miles from the Kennesaw Mountain Visitor Center, out to Kolbs Farm, and back.

Wish me luck – and as always, if you can donate, even $5, to my cause, please do so using the Donate Now links on this site. It’s free, secure and a piece of cake. Make yourself feel good right now.

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Thank you for your support and thank you for embarrassing in at Campus today. {wink}

It’s a little awkward for me because I’m not “a member” …but I don’t suppose one needs “a member” to be supportive.

Thanks again.


Hey Christian. I enjoy keeping up with your training. Reminds me of regular marathon prep. I miss it and envy you for it. Wish my knees would cooperate. Thanks for doing this for the kids. You’ll do great in the race — but you’ve already won. JV

Sounds like you are off to a great start on your training, Christian !!! Go get ‘em! And yes, spend as much time in the mountains as you can. You also might want to consider hypergravity training – I wore a 15 to 20 lb Camelbak hydration backpack the last 2 months during most of my long runs on the course that was very close in terrain to my 100 miler, as well as a 16 lb weight vest for 13 hours per day… all so that when it came to race weekend I would feel “light” compared to my training runs. It worked! My body adapted over the course of 2 to 3 months to the extra weight and I contribute hypergravity training to my completion of my first 100 miler.

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