WEEK 16 – Tapering is hard

Sheeesh, not only is tapering hard, it’s got to be the least interesting part of endurance training. If you are new to my training experience blog, might I suggest some more interesting entries such as the Laurel Valley 40-mile experience or my recent post about some of the lessons I am learning from this training grind and quest for a 50-mile race finish.

Twenty miles at Kennnesaw Mountain

The highlight of this week’s training was a 20-miler at Kennesaw Mountain. On the second loop, I ran across 3-4 separate incidents of deer. Each time, the deer were very close – usually right on the trail in front me – and only moved a short distance as we approached. I guess with the runners and hikers at this particular mountain trail system, the deer have become conditioned to human beings and less fearful. This is good or bad, depending on who you talk to, but I love being able to see such creatures and share some nature with them.

I get a very significant ‘lift’ in my spirits when I see wild animals in nature. A little stir of excitement, fear, wonder, amazement, interest – a sensory and emotional explosion.

I know the whole population control argument, but I just can’t see how someone could shoot a deer …or anything for that matter. There presence is almost magic to me and find myself very interested in them.

…Next week will be my last entry before the race…

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Jan: it’s great to continue to hear stories about your boys and their running. Keep me posted as I know they are taking Ohio by storm with their speed.

Susan: thanks for writing – Do look for me at the pre-race meal because I’ll be that antsy guy who looks anxious and who’s legs are shaking back and forth nonstop with nervous energy…

Hey, Christian!

We were blessed to have seen some beautiful deer while training for MMTR at DuPont Forest in Hendersonville a couple of weeks ago. We also saw a copperhead!!!! Sounds like your training is going great! We have enjoyed ours as well. Lots of practice in the heat and humidity, but hopefully, we’ll have a break next week. Like you, this is our first 50++ miler! We’re excited, but anxious to make the cutoff times. We’ll look for you at the pre-race meal!!

Hi Christian, When riding (bike) with my boys running, the deer will come across a field right in front of our paths. We see them grazing other times near a woods. It is a little exhilerating everytime we see them too. Good luck next week. We will be praying for you Nov. 3. Sounds like a little bit of a workout!! Glad you met your $ goal for the children. God Bless. Jan

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