WEEK 15 – $3005 Raised!!!

So, I just couldn’t stand it.

As I was penning the check for Project Kids Eat, I realized it was time for ME to donate. I added $130 bucks to the donation pool so that I could proudly offer a donation check of $3,000 to Project Kids Eat.

Wow, what a feeling!

With the help of everyone who donated, we are now able to provide hot, healthy holiday meals for children of need in the metro Atlanta area. Just like that. A little running, a little web site building, a little emailing, a little groveling, and BAM – worthy kids get some much needed assistance. For a dude who doesn’t necessarily have a history of mountains of philanthropy, this feels pretty good. Perhaps it’s a sign of things to come from me. One can only hope.

BUT… I still have a race to run.

I ran a trail 10K (6.2 miles) through some interesting trails on private property in Redding, GA in support of Camp Grace, an at-risk youth summer camp. Yet another Christian faith association that probably has just about everyone who knows me scratching their heads and wondering if I have become religious.

Christian crossing the finish at the Redding Race for Camp Grace 10K

Crossing the finish at the hilly, Redding Race for Camp Grace 10K

Nope. It’s still me. It just seems that a lot of the giving and character-building activities in which I participate are faith-based. I envy people who can seem to believe in something wholeheartedly and not let logic and science get in the way – it appears to be a very relaxing and peaceful existence. I’m just not there. …but I do enjoy helping people and working on personal improvement …and shoots, even sitting in church with my wife from time to time listening to the messages. I don’t do any singing (and the church should be pleased about this), but I do like to think and more so, to be intellectually challenged. The preachers messages create this thinking challenge for me that many times lasts throughout the week.

But I digress… back to the training:

I have peaked in my training and now it becomes an exercise at staying in shape and not losing the strength and endurance gains I obtained over the last 5 months.

When I think about running 50 miles, it all just sort of seems surreal. They say you run the first have of ultramarathons with your legs, and the second half with your heart, and this may be true; but for me to be successful I have run both “halves” of the race within very tight time constraints. My heart will need to be far stronger than my legs.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your donations, well wishes, comments, emails, letters …etc. It all means a lot to me. I just hope that you’ll mark your calendars for November 3, 2007, and send some positive vibes my way throughout the day. I will need them.


It’s still not too late to donate. I am keeping the donation site live for last minute donations to Project Kids Eat. Every penny goes to kids. I do not use donations for any race training, preparation or participation. It’s all for kids.

Two week to go…

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