WEEK 14 – Winding down is tough

As I come into the final weeks of 50-mile training, the long runs become less long; and I enter the taper phase, allowing my body ample rest before the big race.

Problem is, I’m not a big fan of rest. I get antsy wanting to continually push myself.


On another note, I ran the GAC Frog Hollow 5K in support of my step-son’s school. This year I won my division, 35-39 year olds, which was is kind of exciting, even for such a small race. Having my family there and getting the family props felt pretty good and It felt extra special when Austin, my step-son, desired to wear my medal around the festival.

On the way to the race, my wife remembered that she has to stay at the festival to participate in the bake sale and that I have no ride home after the race. Doh! — so, what’s an endurance runner to do?

That’s right, run home.

I skarfed a quick plate of eggs and fruit at the “country breakfast” area, signed up for a few silent auction items, and then hit the street for another hot, humid, 7.5 miles home.

We did it!

I am pleased to announce that we not only met, but exceeded, our goal to raise $2500.00 for Project Kids Eat. Sunday, I will present a check to an organization representative for $2,825.00.

Thanks to everyone who shared some bucks so that homeless children could have a wonderful holiday of hot meals and proper nutrition. For many of us, it’s a given — for some, a daily struggle.

For all those that would still like to donate, I am keeping the donation relationship going with PayPal, allowing people to continue to donate up until, and even after, my 50-mile attempt.

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quit surfing the web and get back to banking work. {grins}

I would like to do both those races, but first 100 is going to be west coast I think. It’s not for sure – but it’s what I’d like to do.

I really, really want to do that Mountain RATS.

Congrats on the fundraising goal. Good luck with the taper and be sure to be well rested for Masochist. See you there. BTW, you should add Massanutten and Vermont to your “races I am considering” list.


Excellent that you passed your fundraising goal! Running on eggs? You must have an iron stomach! :-)

Do you know how it breaks down for the kids? How much does it take to feed a kid for a day or something like that?

Stay steady in the taper, I hear it’s tough to back off all that “fun” running!

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