The Fall of Brutality

As I review my upcoming, fall race schedule, I can’t help but recognize the immense challenges ahead of me; but I am also leaner, stronger and better trained than ever before. I am going after this race schedule with intensity and aggression.

Only three weeks to 100 miles
Only 8 days to 100 miles

Only 6 days to 100, er, now, 102.6 miles

Superior Sawtooth 100 Mile Race

As I write this, I am exactly three weeks out from hopping on a plane to Minnesota for the Superior Sawtooth 100-Mile foot race along the Superior Hiking Trail.

The race has a total elevation gain and loss of over 20,000 feet, and a punishing terrain. As usual, I chose a doozy for a first 100-mile attempt.

But, as you can see from the images, it’s also GORGEOUS – some say one of the most beautiful 100-mile ultra races in the country. How could I say no?

Superior 100 Course Segments

Incredible detail of segments along the Superior Hiking Trail, including photos of the views at various locations along the trail where the Superior 100 mile race will take place:


72 Hours of running at Across The Years

Across the years silver anniversary

“Why do you want to do something like that?”, asked my wife.

“To see how many miles I can get, I guess”, I said.

“You’re crazy.” she said

“Yea, I know – wanna go?”


Across the Years is a popular, at least in the ultra community, multi-day ultramarathon event. I will begin running on December 29, 2008, on a track designed for this purpose; and will complete the 72-hours at 9:00 a.m., January 1, 2009 – hence “across the years”.

My goal is to log 175 miles, or about 58 miles a day.

Typically, I only really have liked mountain trail ultramarathons, but as of late, developed an interest in the multi-day discipline. The mental fortitude necessary for three solid days of moving forward should be an unique experience to say the least.

Jumping Stumps and More Masochism

I will also be doing the Stump Jump 50K in Chattanooga, TN. Everyone says, “you gotta do stump jump”, “you gotta do stump jump”

So, I’m doing Stump Jump.

And lastly, it’s back to Mountain Masochist, the mean and nasty 50++ miler that handed me my first, and of this writing, only DNF (did not finish) to date.

I have an axe to grind at Masochist.

Shower Me with Love

Well, ok, at least wish me some luck if’n ya feel the love. I really enjoy hearing from friends, other runners, and blog readers who read all this nonsense.

It makes me feel good and stuff…


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Best of luck to you on the 100… I am running the 50M as my first 50 and second Ultra.

Holy cow dude. I get tired reading it.
(But I did send in my Pumpkin Butt app a week or so ago. Guess you’re skipping that one. And I might fit a 5K in somewhere. hehe.)


Good luck at your first 100. My first one was at Vermont last month and I loved it. Yours looks like some rough terrain….I don’t run well on rocks.

AJ Johnson

Thanks Christian,

I keep dancing around the idea of starting a Cross Fit program, but I haven’t had the guts…yet :)

Can’t wait to hear about your first hundred… good luck and have fun!


Amy – that’s actually an ongoing struggle, but I work hard to manage it.

::: Regarding running: my run training is a little unusual, but it is working for me. I run faster, shorter distances during the week – solo or with my stepson for his fitness. CrossFit utilizes interval sprints which also helps me tremendously.

I run long, on difficult trails, on most weekends, whether that’s solo, group runs or races. Ironically, especially to LSD-type trainees, I only run 30-50 miles a week.

::: CrossFit training: what can I say? I believe. CrossFit methodologies have been a significant addition to improving my core and overall strength – and weight loss.

Plus, the “sport of fitness” concept makes training fun and varying and exciting.

::: Family: I simply can’t rest. {wink} When I return from difficult training, I suck it up and make sure to include myself in family activities regardless of my desire to soak into the sofa.


Holy Moly what a schedule. How do you fit it all in? For instance…what’s a typical long run training week like? I’ve seen videos of some Cross Fit workouts with people flailing around on the floor, tired, throwing up etc. :) So…you do that and then go for a long run? I assume you work and do family stuff too…

Do tell :)

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