Skarfing – A Visual Food Log Experiment

If I fail, then at least I know my limitations and know that my true level of dedication does not match what I want it to be (or wish it to be)

It’s kinda scary really; but at least I’ll know, and I can scale and mold my athletic future with a better sense of ‘self’

Some people believe New Years resolutions are only proclamations destined to fail.

In my eyes, those people have already failed before they started.

I Love New Years

It’s a time reflect, and a time to dream.

While I didn’t clobber every race goal I had, I nailed a few gems that offered a glimmer of hope that I can continue the quest for improved athletic performances. A couple of 2011 accomplishments that I’m most proud of:

And a few other tidbits included in the ongoing running resume.

Biggest Hurdles for Success

I am my own worst enemy.

I get a coach, and I don’t follow.

I race when I should rest.

I talk when I should listen.

I eat ridiculous amounts of food, and many times the wrong food.

But I’m not about to give up.

Skarfing – a Two Week Project in Discipline

So check it – about the food thing – I know I suck at it, and I continue to suck at it; but one thing I do know is that transparency and accountability are key factors for success where I’m concerned.

Starting Monday, January 2, 2012, I begin The Skarfing Project – A visual food log created via Tumblr and shared across the social grid grid via Twitter and Facebook.

The visual food log works like this:


What is the Ultimate Goal?

the loss of muscle has made a muscular looking doughboy, …just a doughboy.

The immediate goal is simply to see if I can be 100% strict and adhere to my program, and measure the results of such.

The overall goal is work towards body transformation.

When I first started running in 2006, I was fat. By 2009 I was eager to improve my race times and performances. By 2010 I started setting my sights on actually becoming a real athlete.

When I lifted weights as a runner, I just got big(ger).

When I quit strength training to “just run”, I got faster, as intended, but now I am weak; but more than just being weak, the loss of muscle has made a muscular looking doughboy, …just a doughboy.

I like having muscle, and I want it back.

There has to be a happy marriage between muscle and running fast. This two-week experiment will lay the foundation for whether or not I can actually be strict and follow-through on something as intended.

If I do, the reward is to continue.

If I fail, then at least I know my limitations and know that my true level of dedication does not match what I “want” it to be (or wish it to be)

It’s kinda scary really; but at least I’ll know, and I can scale and mold my athletic future with a better sense of “self”

Why? Why Am I Doing This?

First, I want the ultimate in accountability, while also keeping the process uber-simple. Writing a food log is a pain in the @ss, and even for only two weeks, but photos are are easy, very real, and something that I can quickly and easily look back on. Also, I’m hoping for feedback from people as I struggle through the food maze.

Second, I wanted to experiment with using the social grid, and its tools, in unique and interesting ways with regards to goal achievement and communication. Maybe something cool will develop from this experiment.

Invitation to Make Fun of Me

If you’d like to follow the two-week experiment, please connect with The Skarfing Project via one of the links below:

I’d love to get your feedback as I go along.

The first challenge is merely two week. Two weeks. I can do anything for two weeks.

Uber-strict. Me and the web. Tomorrow, January 2, 2012.

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Cool idea Christian, I’ve heard of people using their camera phones as food logs and it helping them be more accountable. One other resource that could be of help is the website where you can create a commitment contract for free. It is based off of the book by Ian Aryes Carrots and Stikks that breaks down how to use incentives to motive. Good luck with the project and I look forward to following it.

Sounds like a great project. I have been doing sort of the same self evaluation. For about the last month I have been trying to log my calories here: They have a pretty decent mobile app and quite an extensive dB of food. Scanning barcodes makes it quite easy to log coded food stuff. It’s a little fun and at times quite depressing to learn how caloric some seemingly benign foods are.


I think you’ve been listening to my thoughts. Same basic goals, same thought process on how to evaluate them. Keep at it, I think I’ll join you via the skarfing project.


Heck yeah, I’ll follow. Sounds like an interesting project. Looking forward to another great year where much is learned!

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