Running 100 Miles in the Florida Keys

Keys 100 – My second 100-Mile Race

Oh yea, this has me written all over it.

Self-supported race, with beaches on both sides, run in 90+ degrees, heavy humidity, treacherous running environments, with lots of potential hazards and multiple possibilities for real danger…


I registered with enthusiasm.

But you love the trails, why run a road ultra?

I dunno really.

I do love the trails. Every ultramarathon I’ve run this year {2008} has been mountain trails and I enjoyed each and every one of them; but I’m interested in branching out in 2009, tossing in some ultramarathon variety.

I love ultrarunning and want to try everything that sounds cool to me. I want to taste all aspects of the sport from point-to-point races, to timed races, to trail races, to road races and everything in between.

You only live once, ya know.

Planning the 2009 Race Schedule – Some new, Some old

So far, 2009 is shaping up with three 100+ mile races.

Now, of course, in between these 2009 marquee events, I’ll sprinkle in some 50-milers, 50Ks, the usual marathons, and lots of 5 & 10Ks. I’m certainly running the annual Peachtree Road Race, the ING Marathon, the Atlanta Marathon, the Sweetwater 50K, Mountain Mist 50K, Laurel Valley …and a bunch others, so if you’re down, come get your running groove on with me.

Need a place to stay in Georgia to run some local races? – hit me up – just make sure you’re ok with dogs, ’cause we got’em and they’re big ol’ boys and girls.

2009 is going to be a great year!

* New Project for 2009:

Here’s an interesting ultrarunning accolade – Completing a recognized ultra race in every one of the 50 states. For an even bigger challenge, how about a 100-miler in each of the 50 states?

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Pinhoti 100 – Alabama.

i am looking for a 100 mile race in november, my firt one. any suggestions on one to run?

100 miles on the road…crazy!

Jan – Athens-Big Fork Trail Marathon (not an ultra but the course record is about 4:34 and runners have included several sub-3 hour road marathoners).
Feb – White Rock Classic 50K
Sylamore Trail 50K
Mar – 3 Days of Syllamo Stage Race (50K/50M/20K)
Apr – Ouachita Trail 50M or K
Jul – Midnight 50K
Oct – Arkansas Traveller 100
Health permitting. That is identical to what I ran this year but hope to avoid a DNF in the Traveller – DNFd at 95+ miles this year breaking a string of 9 finishes in my last 9 starts. At 68 it is not getting any easier.

Benton, AR

Frosty 50k
Uwharrie 20
Myrtle Beach Marathon
Mount Mitchell 40
Ellerbe Springs Marathon (run with Volunteers then RD following weekend)
Umstead 100
Bull Run Run 50 (pace Mrs Doom)
Pittsburgh Marathon (with Ivan)
Run for the Red Marathon (with Ivan)
Boogie 50 (with Ivan)
Tahoe Rim Trail 100
Laurel Valley -Sweep- Because you need me on THAT TRAIL (-;
Hinson Lake

Feb.-Holiday Lake 50k (fo sho)
March-Bel Monte Endurance 50k or 50m…can’t decide
May-Wapack Trail 50m (and maybe Pineland Farms 50k?)
June-Laurel Highlands 70.5
July-Crew/Pace Vermont 100
Sept.-Vermont 50
Oct.-Heartland 100 or Pony Express 100 (biiiig reach, but I’d love to get my first 100 in end of next year!)
Dec.-Something else I haven’t thought of yet :)

Chicago, IL

Hey, I stumbled onto your blog from a blog-of-a-blog friend (I can’t remember exactly but do subscribe to you rss!) Not even sure if that makes sense, but here I am!

Anyway, I’m interested in how the CrossFit and CFEndurance goes for you. I’m wondering if training for a 50k (and up) can also be accomplished while doing CF and CFE. I’m hoping to get 5 run days in while training for a 50k in Feb, then a 50-miler in the summer, then 100-miler next October. Is it possible to do CFE in the mornings and run in the evenings or is that too much?

Any advise for people who’ve never done CF/E but are intrigued :)

Here is my go at it – hoping to do three 100s next year. Obviously subject to change. Probably a 50K or two thrown in as well.

Mount Mitchell Challenge 40 Mile
Umstead 100
Massanutten 100 – lottery permitting
Vermont 100 – if I don’t do Massnutten
Laurel Valley
Bear 100 or Grindstone 100
Hellgate 100K

Hey Christian – Thanks for providing the little bit of motivation to write down my schedule for next year. I’ve been thinking about it, but haven’t written it down yet. So here goes:

Mt. Cheaha 50K – hopefully we’ll be down there again to visit my folks in Gulf Shores in February. And, hopefully the kid’s winter break falls on the same weekend as Cheaha. If not, we probably won’t be running Mt. Cheaha :-(
Chippewa Moraine 50K
Runnin’ in the Ruff 10K (MN state trail running championship race)
Superior Trail 50K (possibly Ice Age 50, but probably Superior)
Would love to do San Juan Solstice 50 mile in June, but probably won’t get out to CO for it…
Afton 50K (maybe)
Voyageur 50 mile (definitely)
Superior 50 mile (possibly Moose Mtn. Marathon instead)
Bear 100! (my qualifier so I can apply for Hardrock the following year and the Bear is an awesome race!)
Wild Duluth 50K and 100K (directing this race – the first annual and it should be fun!)


The Keys run looks like a lot of fun and alot of challenge! Best wishes.


Dec, 2008 – Jan 2009 – ATY 48 Hour

March – 43 hour run in DV with friend Jon Obst in honor of my 43rd birthday

April – McNaughton Park 100 miler

July – Badwater Ultramarathon (pending acceptance)

(various 5k and 10k races in between)

Happy trails,

Connie Karras

Hmm, well, since you asked..
Mother Road 100
Sun Mart 50m
Bandera 100k
Rocky Raccoon 100m
Kettle Moraine
(Warda or Rocky Hill Ranch, in the spring, they are Tx races)

My Schedule for 2009
Jan. Disney World Marathon
Feb. Rocky Racoon 50 or 100 mile (haven’t decided yet)
Mar. Little Rock Marathon
Apr. or June 50km race that I am in the process of planning as RD here in the Ozark Mountains
June WS100 (sans fire this year)
July Crew Badwater
Aug. Leadville 100
Sept. and Oct Coach Cross Country and recover
Nov. and Dec. ??

You guys rock! For 2009 I just want to get my weight back down to where it was before surgery. Then knock off the first 50K I feel ready for. (ha ha – translation for “knock off” is finish!) This year has been all Adventure racing, short races of 16 miles or less and recovery.

So Far:

I am from Hawaii and dont travel much off island so I tend to do all ulttras on island including but not limited to:

HURT 100 Mile, January (4th attempt)
Triple Trek 50K, ?
Angeles Crest 100, September (yes I will travel to do it)
Peacock 54 Mile, October ?
and random LONG runs around the island
possible adventure around the island 116 miles

Jah Bless and Good Luck


How could I forget Laurel Valley. Claude, my deepest sympathies for my obvious disrespect.

Of course Laurel Valley will in my plans.

A band of wild horses couldn’t… well, you know how it goes.

Long live the LV!

Big Butt 50 K in July
Laurel Valley Ultra in August
and thinking about putting on the Grandfather Trail Marathon just to see if anyone can finish before dark. It’s the only race that I have ever put on that no one finished.

This is too much like my schedule not to chime in.
I’m in for:
McNaughton 150, April
Keys 100, May
Laurel Highlands 70, June
Badwater Official or solo run, July
Iroquois 100, September
Lock Haven Megatransect, my favorite, September
Like you all, I may sprinkle a few 50′s in.
Look like I may get to meet you all next summer.

Rick – Have you run San Diego? Curious because I haven’t heard great things.

Cascade Crest is on my must-do list fo’ sho, but, see above {sigh}


4, 100s back-to-back? Man…

I may want to throw Cascade Crest in there too. Travel might be tough for me though since I already have so much race travel planned in ’09 already.

H.U.R.T. 100 mile
Ruth Anderson 100km
Keys 100 mile
Badwater 135
Spartathlon 150
Fear & Loathing 50 mile
Mother Road 100

(may toss in a few others such as American River 50, a couple road marathons…..and maybe even a triathlon)

Hey! So this is what I’m thinking:

In February, Haag Lake 50k, near Hillsboro, OR
Spring: McDonald Forest 50k, near Corvallis, OR,
Peterson Ridge Rumble 60k near Sisters, OR
Forest Park 50k, Portland, OR,
Bighorn 100M, WY, June
Tahoe Rim Trail 100M, NV, July
Lean Horse 100M, SD, August
Hundred in the Hood 100M, OR, September

Hmm…so far I’m thinking of:

San Diego 100
Return to Cascade Crest 100 (Washington state is a great place to run)
Hundred in the Hood (New 100 in Oregon in the shadow of Mt. Hood)

And like you I’ll sprinkle in the other races in between as I figure them out. Looking to pace at Western too since it’s only a 3 hour drive from my place.

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