Blog Tag Interview: Christian Griffith

From Ultraholic member, Alan Geraldi:

It has been awhile since us Ultraholics and friends have played that old game called Blog Tag. Here is how it works (or should work in theory). I pose a few questions, answer them and then tag three other blog owners to answer the same questions, and so on and so on (they also have to tag the person who tags them).

Christian Griffith Blog Tag Interview Answers

1. Do you have a favorite race you ran this year – if yes, which one and why.

Picking a favorite race is hard for me because I tend to be very emotional about my races, and at all kinds of different levels. I loved the White River 50-mile trail championships because I had never been that far north in the Pacific Northwest, and I fell in love with Seattle, the mountains and especially Mt. Rainier.

I loved the Keys 100 50-miler because for one, I love the Florida Keys and for another, I had a great experience running with my best friend and wife as my crew. (and I got to meet good ol’ Alan in person)

I would also have to mention the Landsford 50K as it was my fastest 50K to date at 5:05.

I’m sorta known for calling all my races, my “favorite race”.

2. Have you selected any race goals for 2010?

I’m sorta winging it for 2010. I can’t possibly do everything I want to do, so sacrifices will have to be made. I am running across Georgia in March 2010 and considering VolState as well.

3. Did you discover any new (non-race) trails this year?

Why yes I did – The SCAR – The Smokies Challenge run which takes place in the Great Smokey Mountains on the Appalachian Trail. This is a VERY TOUGH section of the AT. Lots and lots of tough climbing. We went from Fontana Dam to Newfound Gap – about 42 miles.

4. Why do you run?

I have an addictive personality. I read Dean Karnazes’ book and immediately felt the sentiment of current life frustration coupled with a very unique challenge I could sink my teeth into. I never really ran seriously before June 2006 – and now, I can’t imagine life without it.

5. There are extreme ultramarathons – Spartathlon, Run Across America, Badwater, etc. are you planning any?

I am doing a Run Across Georgia, 100% self-supported in March 2010. Eventually, I would like to do every difficult ultra that exists today. That’s my mission – to complete everything at least once.

6. Favorite food during ultras and favorite post-race food?

I can eat anything during runs. Gatorade will give me stomach cramping issues if I rely on it for me than a few cups throughout the day. I LOVE Coke & Mountain Dew during races because I don’t drink them normally – the rush I get from them is incredible + they are delicious.

Post race is tough because I recently began a more vegetarian eating style and can’t have that post-race steak that I crave so much. Fish works pretty well, and also vege burgers and pasta dishes.

7. Are ultrarunners part of your life outside of races?

Not so much. I wish that was the case, but my family life is so demanding that it seems I only see my ultra friends when we are running, racing or traveling to a running adventure.

8. What do you consider the most beautiful ultra course you have run?

Man… so many “different” levels of beauty, but Superior Sawtooth 100-miler was really gorgeous with lots of varying beauty. White River 50-miler near Mt. Rainier was awe-inspiring, and of course, my all-time favorite race – Laurel Valley – is typical lush-as-hell, southern trail running.

9. Favorite race director?

Claude Sinclair. I feel almost a family connection to the guy and have from first contact. Can’t explain it.

10. What is your longest streak at running the same race?

I have only been ultrarunning for 3 years, but I have done SweetH20 50K three times, Mountain Mist two times, Mount Cheaha two times, this weekend will be my third Laurel Valley, Hot2Trot two times …probably some more sprinkled in there.

Who’s Tagged Next?

As an East Coast member, I don’t know a lot of theUltraholics personally, so I’ll tag:

Bob Becker, Jennifer Huffman-Swift, and Diane Forrest

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Hi Christian,

OMG – now I need to create a blog to answer the tag questions! It is so wonderful that you have accomplished so much with ultra running in such a short amount of time. And I love that you are leaning towards a vegetarian diet (I’ve been a veggie for about 6 years). Envious that you can eat pretty much anything during an event. Running across Georgia will be a tremendous journey – we will all be looking forward to a grand race report. Now I need to figure out how to do a blog. Or I wonder if I can do this on Facebook?


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