Natural Vitality Products Review

Per my previous blog update:

“After a recent race, I received an email from a nutrition company representative asking if I would be interested in trying their Natural Vitality sports nutritional products”

And so I did.

The Natural Vitality Products Tested

Natural Vitality product review for athletes

First off, I would like to thank the company for selecting me as someone they found interesting enough to review their products. Sure it’s smart SEO (if you know what that means), but it also shows a strong level of confidence in your product offerings.

Each product is based on natural, organic food – mostly fruits and vegetables high in vitamins, aminos, and anti-oxidants. It’s all food (or juice) that one can buy at any health food store, but it’s rare to have access to such a wide variety, and in such convenient packaging.

Here are the products I tested:

I took all of the products every day, and some of the NutraRev and Energy 28 multiple times a day as recommended.

The Good

The Bad {or, perhaps “questionable”}

The Outcome

All this build up just to simply say that I have decided that I am generally indifferent.

While I applaud the approach, I can’t get around the marketing. As someone who has been around sports supplementation my entire life, I know excessive product marketing when I see it.

Over-promising runs rampant in the supplementation world. For example, as I mentioned above, calling a food product “anti-aging” really bothers me. Creates immediate distrust for me as a consumer.

However, the products never made me feel bad, and in fact, the magnesium supplement is something that I really enjoy taking before bed. But, is it truly helping me? I don’t know. I researched magnesium supplementation and found that I don’t suffer from any of the conditions that necessitate really needing it – but I’ll admit, it does make me feel calm at night.

Placebo effect? Maybe.

All-in-all, I would continue to use the products if they were free simply because, assuming the products are truly organic and wholesome, I enjoy having access to them in these concentrated forms; however, without truly experiencing any real noticeable effects during my one-month review trial, I can not rationalize paying the high price.

That’s my honest opinion.


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You know Christian I am a total skeptic – sort of a Bolshevik hippy unwashed Occupy Wall Street type but, well, a bit older…

I was expecting you to be slightly biased since they contacted you (flattery.) Cudos man for being absolutely candid. In my vast vast (well 50 years of life – that counts as vast right?) experience this is a rare thing. Makes me want to be your buddy.


PS my absolute favorite Ultra fuel these days is humus in pita, radishes, and crystallized ginger…!

I just read, with great interest, your review of the supplements you’ve been taking. I say, “with great interest” because in a past life I used to sell Vitamin-E, soy isoflavones and phytosterols to that industry.

First, you are a wise man to be skeptical of their crazy claims. Second, you are even wiser to be skeptical of their manufacturing practices. I’ve seen some pretty nasty looking manufacturing facilities making stuff that is sold at your local grocery store, GNC, etc. One time I had an account come out with a new product and the form of Vitamin-E he had on his label was not the form he was buying. When I brought it to his attention he seemed very nonchalant about it. Then he said something like, “well, I’ll use up the inventory I have and then buy the correct type in the future.” Unbelievable.

Many of the liquid vitamin people are very small, “mom and pop” companies … Some of which grow to be very big companies who still have a “mom and pop” mentality. When I buy supplements, I stick with GNC branded material because they make all of their own store brands and have very tight quality controls and a very stringent approval process for their ingredients.

BTW – do you know who actually made the products you were taking? Does the product say, “made by” so-and-so, or “made FOR” so-and-so?

Have fun at Pinhoti! Wish I could be there (running it!)


Thanks for doing that, Christian, and sharing the results.


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