Introduction to Crossfit Training

I have been injured.

I have a nagging foot injury that I believe is a sprain – or a fracture – that developed at the Cheaha race during a nasty fall; but only really started becoming a serious problem about a week afterwards.

Since I can’t run at the moment, I am pouring myself into road cycling, mountain biking and Crossfit training.

What is CrossFit?

Over the last year, I have been researching and slowly getting involved in an exercise movement called Crossfit. Crossfit is a blend of old fashioned and effective strength training, gymnastics, core training, and calisthenics.

Greg Glassman, the founder of Crossfit training, has written a very interesting and compelling piece titled, “What is Fitness?” that questions many of the so-called training methods, personal trainers, and fitness crazes that seem to be polluting the fitness genre these days.

The article will make you think.

It may even make you change the entire way you approach fitness.

It did me.

Before Jumping into Crossfit Training

It’s important to take Crossfit seriously. Many of the Crossfit lifts and exercises have the potential to injure athletes if the athlete is not properly trained in correct technique. Lifts such as the clean and jerk, snatch, deadlift, squat …and even pull-ups, can hurt you if you do not have the correct introduction and technique training for these exercises.

But they work.

As someone who wants to promote Crossfit properly, I believe it’s important for anyone new to Crossfit to read and understand the following texts:

If you find that Crossfit training is something in which you have interest, I also suggest reviewing the Crossfit instructional videos found on the Crossfit web site. These videos are taught by experienced coaches in strength training, Olympic lifting, and running for example. …and, will provide the basic foundation you need to get started safely and correctly.

Crossfit Certification

Functional training makes great sense to me. All around health, strength, and mobility is far superior than specialization for the multisport athlete. I believe in Crossfit training. I have seen strength gains, and core improvement across a number of movements and I look forward to workouts every single day.

I have decided to get certified in Crossfit.

I am doing both the Crossfit Level I Certification and the Running/Endurance Certification programs.

I want to ensure that I understand the techniques and training methods as best I can to continue improving my fitness.

I want to learn how to make myself ever Better. Faster. Stronger.

Perhaps even teach some others through real training — not 3 sets of 10 reps type training.

It’s all in the learning – and I never, ever want to stop learning.

Looking forward to running again…

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Hi Christian… so glad you’re enjoying the rigors of Crossfit. One of my son’s said that the squats would make my running “explosive” (an adjective that would appear as an oxymoron next to my name.)Anyway, I’m STILL trying to do just one decent Crossfit squat – and he showed me how to do them a year ago! I have a respect for you kids! Will you be able to run ING this year? If so, I can’t wait to read your race report.

My husband’s army unit was introduced to this 2 months ago via a presentation to them during PT. He has become quite interested in it, as he is unable to run like he used to due to a torn ACL a few years ago.
Very interesting, especially learning the techniques!


Yea, Nasty Girls is one of the ‘workouts of the day’ that you are bound to stumble upon as you continue Crossfit Training.

I did “Barbara” yesterday which consisted of five rounds of:

20 Pullups
30 Pushups
40 full situps
50 squats

…the entire routine, repeated 5 times. After round 2, I was almost sure there was no way I could finish.

I finished. Not as strong as I would have liked, but wow, talk about a neurological shake-up. I definitly will grow during today’s rest day. {wink}

I love it.

The workouts are intense, but enjoyable and challenging, and best of all, they actually apply to the sports in which I enjoy participating.

Thanks for commenting.

My brother-in-law is into Crossfit, and when I was investigating it online, I came across the “Nasty Girls” workout. Have you seen that? I don’t remember the official names of the exercises they’re doing, but it’s something like 50 reps of deep squats followed by them hanging from rings and pulling their whole bodies up followed by them lifting huge weights from the floor up to their chins. And doing it again and again. Amazing. Not to mention the cool song I bought from iTunes… :)

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