Experiencing Euphoria

Yea, its about running, so if you’re eye-rolling already and wondering why this is all I concern myself with, just stop reading now and go read the 750 stolen ‘inspirational’ quotes populating your friends’ Facebook walls at this very minute.

Experiencing Euphoria - a running experience

but today, I found euphoria, and now that I know its really out there, it’s going to make pushing through the wall that much more rewarding.

Here’s how it happened

Today, my training was 11.4 miles. Nothng too crazy, right? But in that run, I was to:

On paper, sounds like a piece of cake.

It wasn’t

After 2 miles of 8:20-ish pace, I kicked in the first 1-mile interval. 6:58 is a pretty strong pace for me right now in my re-conditioning, but I got through it.

4:00 recovery (9:34 pace, slow thank God!)

Then, the 2nd 1-mile interval followed, again @ 6:58, and I wondered if’d get through it this time. It was hard and I felt my form begin to crumble.

6:00 recovery (9:34 pace)

The third interval came and all the way through it, I thought, “man, 1.5 miles at this pace is going to break me.”

and I felt frustrated and defeated.

During the entire 9:00 recovery, almost another complete mile, I stressed over the last interval. 1.5 miles at 6:58 was gonna hurt bad – especially after 6 miles, 3 of which were 6:58 pace intervals…


I’m sick of the little weaknesses that break me. I’m sick of having mad potential and throwing it away for super-sick, deeply-seated, deeply-rooted BS that I use to define why I do some of the dumb shit I do.

I’m sick of it.

In running …in life, in relationships, in everything. I’m sick of the bullshit. Period.

I started yelling.

“I got this mutha _ _ _ _er!” – and all kinds of colorful, cussing that built me up, made me feel strong and defiant and powerful and while some may look to the heavens, I looked within.

And it was time.

But instead of cranking that pace to 6:58, I went 6:53. My “punishment for being such a little bitch.”

and I ran hard.

By 1/2 mile into it, I knew it was going to take everything I had to hang on. On the treadmill, you can’t just slow down or you’ll get slammed into the wall behind you… You HAVE to keep up the pace.

I played all the mental games. Checking out mentally, listening to the loud Harry the Bastard mix on the speakers, thinking about naked women, …anything I could think of to get my mind off of my rapid breathing, sore foot and cartoon-character-feeling pace under foot.

Again, I yelled, out-loud and defiantly, “I got this!” and “You can’t break me!”

and I held on.

and got stronger.

and all of sudden, it stopped hurting.



My breathing came under control.

My chest was pushed out, my feet moving swiftly under my center of mass, and my form was clean and tight.

My head went trippy, like some kind of special garden imagery filled my brain. Similar to how I pictured the “other side” in the book “The Shack”.

and I no longer felt bad.

In fact, I felt great.

The last .3 miles of that 1.5 mile interval was the BEST running experience I have ever had and that’s why I’m documenting it.

I dug deep and found “that” place that every athlete looks for.

…and I deeply, wantingly, want to go back there.

It was euphoria. And I found it on my own.

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My mom and I both were talking about this we both had this euphoric feeling but only ever once in our life when we were around 16 and it has never happened again and shes been a personal trainer and we both are avid runners. I wish it’d come back but it never has for either of us so dont get your excitement too high and don’t go chasing the dragon the an addict you could seriously hurt yourself. It actually kicks in from over working yourself apparently which is how we survived when hunting 1000′s of years ago.

That sounds like an awesome feeling. I hope I achieve that one day.

I have had this feeling only once in my life. It was like my body was in “auto-pilot”, and gave me time to enjoy every moment through every stride, quite addicting. Truly inspiring piece here.

Very inspirational post. Can’t wait for that feeling. Just getting into running seriously after having my 3rd baby 5 months ago and your blog is a great source of encouragement. Thanks

“Are you sure you didn’t actually die for a few minutes?” thanks rand laughed out loud:)

Breakthrough moments are great. Kudo’s for pulling it off on the freakin’ dreadmill. wow.

so, do you think the euphoria and finding “that place” had anything to do with clean eating… yes, the effort was sensational but don’t discount the power of properly feeding your body…dial in your nutrition and your body and mind dials in with it…

Are you sure you didn’t actually die for a few minutes? Great post! I have had the “runners high” only once as you describe it, and it was a few years back, but I remember it so well to this day…. Jealous!

Sweet post, Christian! Hope you find “that place” again soon!

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