Arthur the Amoeba

How a teeny, weeny, single-celled organism almost killed me.

Christian Griffith in St. John's Hospital

Standing at Death’s Door

In 2012, I entered the hospital, and a week later found out I had contracted an amoeba called, Entamoeba Hystolytica, most likely during one of my race travels.

Truth is, it almost killed me.

If it wasn’t for the quick action of my internal medicine doctor, the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and that Ecuadorian radiologist who just happened to have seen this rare case before, I might certainly be 6-feet deep today.

Here are some of the posts I wrote as I was going through it:

Sick of Sick – This is before I knew what was wrong with me. All I knew was that I was going through some serious fevers (104+) and shivering episodes that were scaring the crap out of me as the Boston Marathon approached.

Meet the G That {Almost} Killed Me – This post came once I went through my hospital ordeal and was out for recovery.

I Won’t Be Beat – This post was written as I continued to find the strength and determination to fight my newly found limitations and return to some level of athletic ability and performance.

Still on Two Feet. Still Swingin’ – This post centered around my continued comeback, and my  first real ‘test’ as I paced my boy Wayne “Weezy” Downey to a 22 hour Keys 100 race finish.

What Success Feels Like – This was my first, official race, a little less than four months after being released from the hospital.

Never Give Up

Bottom line is, 18 months after I was released, I am still fighting the paralyzed diaphragm and a winged scapula I was left with after the ordeal.

My phrenic and thoracic nerve damage may, or may not, get better via regeneration, but I don’t really care. I am choosing to live my life like it never happened, and I am determined to get better, stronger, faster – and even better than before.

That’s how I roll.

So, if you read my story, and you are struggling with so-called limiting factors, understand that you can overcome it.

Never give up.