Survival Run Race Report

Christian carries log 2.3 miles for packet pickup and to secure his race number

Sitting in a rooftop Jacuzzi, at the plush Mokara Hotel and Spa in downtown San Antonio, with Survival Race winner Shane McKay, felt strangely foreign to me.

Twenty-four hours previous, I was navigating my way through ridiculously rocky terrain, in the dark, with bloody feet, body lacerations, and an overwhelming feeling of fatigue. I was 17 hours and 30 miles into the race, and my footwear had become pretty much nonexistent. When I could run, I looked more like an extra for the Walking Dead, stumbling after warm blood, than I did an endurance athlete.

During these low points, I used to ask myself why I do these things. Am I just trying to look tough, or perhaps trying to convince myself that I am tough? What draws me to self-induced suffering?

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