Hunter Gatherer Ultramarathons

This a’int your grandaddy’s race

Hunter Gatherer 50k and 100K races

New Survival Run series goes beyond ultra, obstacle & adventure racing

He’s done it again.

Cutting-edge race director Josue Stephens, known for pushing the limits of traditional footraces, has launched a new series of ultramatathons and ultra-distance obstacle races designed to challenge strength and endurance athletes like never before.

Austin, TX­­ — This October the 5th, a new kind of obstacle course race will be coming to Texas. Taking place in the treacherous and unforgiving terrain of west Texas, the Survival Run: Hunter Gatherer will integrate primitive survival skills into the 50k and 100k distance races. Competitors will have to prove proficient in bow drill fire making, creating and shooting a bow and arrow, finding and filtering water, and even fashioning their own sandals which they will have to run the race in.

From gnarly races in remote areas of Nicaragua and Mexico, to new, unheard of challenges right here in the states, count on Josue’s newest creation, the Hunter Gatherer race series, to be tough, exciting, fulfilling and dramatic.

See the full Hunter Gather Ultramarathons press release.

You in?