Rocket City Marathon (Headtrip Remix)

{Dink, RD} “…I can’t believe you’re running today.”

{me} “It doesn’t hurt if I shuffle.”, I explained. “Just need to see how damn fast I can shuffle…”

{Dink, RD} “Be careful. Good luck.”

Rocket City Marathon, Huntsville, Alabama

Mile 1

“oh, man, am I limping?”

“Feels stiff, …yea, I’m pretty sure I’m limping”

{me} “Yo, Weezy, am I limping?”

{Lil Weezy} “Yup, a little bit.”, … “yea, you’re limping.”


Mile 2

“oh man, there’s Ami.”, “she’s running good these days. Probably being smart and holding back.”

“Should I pass? Better not. Just settle in behind for a little while.”

“This is probably a mistake, but I feel pretty good, I’m going…”

“Of course I feel good, it’s only mile 2.”

Mile 3

“what pace group is that?”

“3:25? Oh God. This is bad. But I feel good.”

“I’ll just settle in with this group for awhile.”

Mile 4

“man, yo, hella turns – don’t these neighborhoods ever go straight?”

“these 3:25 peeps seem slow to me right now.”, “wait, that’s stupid, just chill”

“naw, the ankle seems good, I’m gonna push it.”

Mile 5

“wow, cool, puttin some distance on the 3:25 group.”


“…wonder if I can catch the 3:20 group?”, “is there a 3:20 group?”

“nice, a crowd. let me fix my posture a bit. Gotta look like a belong here.”

“dude, you realize that’s cheesy right?”

“Slap the kids’ hands. It’ll make you feel good, too”

Mile 6

“Well lookie here. it’s John Price.”, “jus’ gonna run along side him quietly for a second…”

“man, he’s running pretty fast, but I’m gonna pass him on this climb”

{small talk}

“he’s not going with me.”, “man I hope I run like him when I’m his age. Dude has the life!”

“who are these country bumpkins talking to each other with me in between them? Gonna let these fools go.”

“whoa, was that John again? Damn, he’s hammering this downhill. I’m not going with him. I’ll get him later.”


Mile 7

“aw, man, more tight-turn neighborhoods.”

“Look at John, he’s waaay up there. Damn older dude is putting the smack down on me.”

“these tighht turns suck. I better pickup my foot more on the turns. Protect, protect, protect the ankle…”

Mile 8

“Oh, man, am I slowing down? Here comes the 3:25 pace group.”

“screw it, I shouldn’t be up here anyway, but if I’m slowing now, already, this is no good.”

“I’ll just run with them.”

“There’s John. I’m gonna get him again on this climb. Wonder if he spent too much early?”

Mile 9

“whoa, pacer dude, whatch out killa’ – stoppin’ for water without looking behind you ain’t too smart”

“I’m gonna get ahead of these guys again.”

Mile 10

“whoa, what the hell? Those dudes just hammered past me…”

{another runner} “I think they just picked up the pace”

{me} “Glad you noticed that, too. I was starting to worry.”

“But they’re still going hard.”

“putting mad distance on me quick. Am I slowing? Why am I not chasing them?

“too early, just chill.”

Mile 11

“now I know why race reports called this section boring, but I’m happy to be going straight”

“more hands to slap! Cool. I dig the kids, man”

“better inventory. How do I feel? I’m getting a little tired. Where are those 3:25 peeps?”

“Damn! they have 50 yards on me.”

{outloud, and loud} “I suck.”

Mile 12

“The miles feel like they’re clicking off. Half marry point next.”

“Can I hang in? Ankle feels fine, but I’m wheezing.”

“No consistent training for a month, could my fitness be way off?”

“oh shut up, you know you are over-reaching. Just don’t do anythng stupid, dumbass.”

Mile 13

“Cool. 1:42. I expected much worse.”

“halfway done.”

“Can I negative split? Is it time to pick it up? Not sure I can. I’ll wait.”

Mile 14

“whoa, that’s some cold wind. Strong, too”

“yikes, it’s like running into a wall of molasses”

“ok, shit, this is draining my energy…”

Mile 15

“Why is she calling out splits when there’s a race clock right there?”

“They call this race fast? I’m losing energy like somebody stuck a pin in me.”

“Wonder if Babette is going to try to find me along the course. I hope not, actually. I might quit.”

“This wind SUCKS!”

Mile 16

“welp, back into the neighborhoods. I don’t like these neighborhoods”

{getting really grumpy now – nothing wrong with ‘hoods.}

“ok, so we’re climbing now. Great.”

“…and it keeps going, wonderful…”

“I’m definitly slowing. My ankle is gettng stiff. I started too fast. I suck.”

Mile 17

“Oh god, my form is starting to flail.”

“Maybe I’ll listen to music.”

“Screw it, I’ll just get annoyed.”

Mile 18

{3:30 pace group} “Is that Christian Griffith?”

“Aw man, who is this saying my name?”

{{{ look back }}}

“Great… 3:30 pace group is about to clip me.”

“Such a punk I am. Everybody I know is gonna catch me…”

“Ouch! great, here it comes. I knew it wouldn’t last. Hang in there ankle, you %^%$#!”

Mile 19

“Welp, there they go.”

“3:30 peeps got me…ankle hurts…fitness sucks…I’m gonna be lucky to break 4 hours.”

Mile 20

“just a 10K to go, but I feel terrible. Nothing left.”

“who’s that huffin and puffin behind me?”

“AMI! aw man, she’s gonna clip my wings, man”

{me} “Hi Ami.”

{Ami} “…”

“Damn it.”

“Good for her, but I’m still bummed.”

“I’m gonna try to stay with her…”

“yea, right, fat chance.”

Mile 21

“beautiful. Really? More ^%$%! neighborhoods?”

“Maybe I should just walk. Clearly I’m totally shot-out and my time is gonna suck, anyway.”

“man, Ami is way up there now, I have no chance of catching her. She’s running a smart race. I’m impressed.”

“walking is, of course, out of the question …Like Anton says, a slow shuffle is still faster than a fast walk.”

Mile 22

“Walkers? wow, these are fast looking dudes, too. Went out too fast? S’ok kids, I feel ya…”

“I’m just gonna settle into a comfortable pace and just gut through this.”

Mile 23

“5K to go. Come on ankle. I’ll run straight, upright and land mid, just please don’t rip.”

Mile 24

“there they go, just keep on a’passin'”


“I’m so dead. This is the longest 2-miles of my life. Please just finish…”

Mile 25

“There it is, right? The 25 mile flag?

“wait, it’s not…”

“wait, yes it is… phew, I can’t take this shit anymore.”

“last mile. Can’t punk out. Gotta find a good finishing gear…”

“Hold on, there she is again. I saw this skinny chick awhile back. I’m gonna catch her.”

“Don’t speed up. Its futile. I’m gonna get you.”

“Dude, really, machismo right now? You just got smoked by a slew of folks. You’re racing now?”

“Doing it anyway…”

Mile 26

“There’s the finish, where’s Babette?”

“I don’t see her.”

“Oh well, who cares? I’m finished. I’m going to eat everything in sight.”

{looking up at the finish clock}

“Cool, 3:37.”

Finishing the Rocket City Marathon